Since the September 11 terrorist attack, there have been unprecedented increases in port security through out the world. As a result, currently, the port security has become a key factor in determining the value of a port brand.

The Intelligent Container R&D Center of Dong-A University, which is supported by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Busan Metropolitan City, will take the lead in developing core technologies and performing cluster activities for the intelligent container to make Busan the world leader in container port.

Our business project team led by Dong-A University, is a nationwide outstanding consortium including Pusan University, Tongmyong University, Ulsan University, InnoMD, and SensingMap, etc.

An intelligent container is a state-of-the-art container system that monitors the cargo status inside the containers on a real-time basis, in order to prevent accidents in advance, and also gives a prior notice in case of risk perception.
For the development of an intelligent container, it must include many kinds of element technologies: a sensor tag, a smart terminal, an automatic communication device, a sensor node, and application systems.
For the safe transport of container cargoes, our project team will first develop element technologies, test them, and step up related application technologies. And then technology integration and commercialization will follow. That is to say, step-by-step technology development will be performed. To this end, diverse cluster activities are required to be conducted: information sharing between consortium members and related organizations, common usage of devices, joint marketing, and standardization.
In order to make Busan a global port and a logistics hub that offer the highest security without sacrificing efficiency, our project team will make use of newly developed technologies for the activation of port logistics industry and for the realization of high value added, while pushing ahead with both technology transfer and commercialization.

Giving thanks to you, we’d like to say that your deep concern and warm support is essential for the successful implementation of our business project.

Director of Intelligent Container R&D Center, Hyung Rim Choi