For the safe and speedy transport of container cargoes, our project team will focus on developing core technologies, integrating these technologies, commercializing them, performing technology transfer, joint technology development, and standardization. Through these diverse cluster activities, we will build an R&D innovation network that will make great contributions to the development of port and logistics and IT industry of Busan area.

Project Period : July, 2007 ~ June, 2013
Investment : US$ 12.5 million
Supervising institute : Dong-A University
Collaborating institute : Dong-A Univ., Pusan Univ., Tongmyong Univ., Ulsan Univ.
Partners : InnoMD Co., Ltd., SensingMap Co., Ltd., eLit Co., Ltd., Bulls Broadband Co., Ltd., Korea Computer Co., Ltd., KL-Net Co., Ltd., Total Soft Bank Co., Ltd.,

Through step-by-step technology development and cooperative cluster activities, we will be able to develop and commercialize the state-of-the-art technologies for a safe transportation for containerized cargoes.

If this business project is successfully completed, the majority of a port logistics industry will be digitalized. Those activities being digitalized are, the safe and speedy transport and custom clearance, real-time monitoring of container status and location tracking, and diversification of containerized cargoes.