The ICC project team is composed of the lead organization Dong-A University, 4 participating institutions, 7 partner companies, and some other assisting organizations.

The purpose of ICC project team is to develop an intelligent container for the safe transportation of containers.
The competent authority of the ICC cluster project is the Regional Industry Promotion Division of the MKE(Ministry of Knowledge Economy).
The Regional Innovation Division of the ITEP(Korea Institute of Industrial Evaluation and Planning) is associated in the evaluation and management of the project tasks.
Also, the Science and Technology Division of Busan Metropolitan City is joining in the ICC cluster project in an effort to promote a regional core competence business project as well as the exploration of a growth engine for the sake of Busan area.

Meanwhile, in order to implement this ICC cluster project more effectively, many authoritative institutions such as LIT(Institute of Logistics Information Technology of Pusan National University), MDL(Media Device Lab of Dong-A University), DMITRC(Digital Manufacturing Information Technology Research Center of Ulsan University), and U-Port ITRC(IT Research Center of Tongmyong University) are taking part in this project.

Also, our partner companies, which are to use the outcomes of our R&D efforts, include InnoMD, SensingMap, eLit, Bulls Broadband, Koreacom, KL-NET and TSB while participating in the implementation of their assigned tasks.

▶ In order to help Busan City's effort to become an international logistics hub, ICC makes a promise to make every effort to develop key technologies and to suggest valuable ideas and a high vision.

 Partners Participating Organizations (Divisions in Charge)
Ministry of Knowledge Economy(MKE)
(Regional Industry Promotion Division)
Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
Busan Metropolitan City
(Science and Technology Division)
Dong-A University
Pusan National University
(Institute of Logistics Information Technology)
Dong-A University
(Media Device Lab)
Ulsan University
(Digital Manufacturing Information Technology Research Center)
Tongmyong University
(U-Port IT Research Center)
SensingMap Co., Ltd
Bulls Broadband Co., Ltd
Korea Computer Co., Ltd.
KL-NET Co., Ltd.
Total Soft Bank Co., Ltd.
InnoMD Co., Ltd.
eLit Co., Ltd.